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As if bad moods and tummy cramps aren't enough to cope with, your periods create all kinds of little dilemmas you could do without. But there's no need to panic when you know our quick and crafty solutions.


I've ruined my best underwear!

No you haven't. As long as you deal with stains when they're fresh, your lovely lingerie will live to dance another day. Simply soak any stained garments in cold water and washing powder, with drop of a stain remover thrown in for good measure.

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Making a dash for it

To get across an open-plan office without literally waving the red flag, store your tampons or folded pads in a pretty purse. Then stroll out casually announcing you're going out to buy your own weight in chocolate. They'll never guess!

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I've run out of tampons!

Ooops! No tampons! And you're nowhere near a friendly pharmacist. Don't get stressed - we've all been there. So have a quiet word with your friends or workmates; someone's bound to have one lying around the bottom of their bag. If not, shuffle off to the loo and see if there's a vending machine. Still no luck? Persuade a friend to nip out to the shops, then sit tight 'til your Kotex® arrives.

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I can't. I'm on my...

Sex during your period. It's a tricky one. If you're getting to that point of no return, what do you tell him? The painters are in. The timing's not great. Whatever you like - just don't tell him your friend's here or he might get the wrong idea!

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Please note that the contents of this section are for informational purposes only and are not intended as medical advice or as a substitute to your doctor's advice. For medical care and advice, you should consult your doctor on a regular basis. If you have any problem which concerns you, consult your doctor immediately.

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